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The Myrtle Beach Woman's Club prides itself on community involvement. We have many affiliations with local organizations, while also fundraising to make donations. In addition to community involvement, we are in charge of Gardens by the Sea, maintaining the grounds and creating commemorations through our paver program. 


Gardens by the Sea

The Myrtle Beach Woman's Club provides a beautiful, seaside sanctuary on the oceanfront. This site is maintained by the ladies and memorial pavers are always available for interested parties. The women also take pride in providing a family friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Gardens by the sea.jpg

Local Affiliations

The Myrtle Beach Woman's Club is affiliated with numerous organizations along the Grand Strand. Our goal is to always meet the needs of our community. 



The Myrtle Beach Woman's Club strives to host various fundraisers throughout the club year, with an emphasis on raising funds for female-oriented scholarships in the community as well as continuing to contribute to local organizations. 

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