Check for Lisa Carney Scholarship

Check for Lisa Carney Scholarship

The flagship of the Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club has become the support of local students seeking a higher education here at home. The purpose of the club is both educational and charitable. A Myrtle Beach High School graduating senior girl, who will be attending Coastal Carolina University or  Horry-Georgetown Technical College, is awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship in May. The selection of this young woman is assisted by the M.B.H.S. Guidance Department and is decided, primarily, on the basis of community service and spirit. This 2012-13 year Rushen Vassell was awarded. Additionally, Non-Traditional students may apply for a MBWC Scholarship at either C.C.U. or H.G.T.C. through their foundation offices where our awards are published. Each June the club sponsors a $4,000.00 scholarship at Coastal Carolina and a $2,000.00 scholarship at Horry-Georgetown Tech for the following scholastic year. Our current 2012-13 recipient at Tech is Monique Sellers pursuing a degree in Nursing. And at Coastal both Kathy Ivey, who is completing her degree in Early Childhood Education, and Olga Tweedy, who is a senior in Marine Science planning to go on to graduate school, are recipients.

The Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club Fellowship was established in 2010 to join hands with local businesses and other individuals to sustain these efforts. Together, we embrace our responsibility to educate the young people of our community and foster our own institutions of higher learning. The club feels that this enterprise cannot be compromised by the economic climate nor higher tuition costs – the future of this area is too promising. We invite you to be an MBWC Fellow and personally participate in the future of our county!

Check for Arron Rivers

Scholarship Check for Arron Rivers

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