Policies, Procedures and Traditions

Policies, Procedures and  Traditions

Meetings of the club are held August through May. Board of Directors meetings are held during the first week of each month with that day, time and location set by the President. All members are welcome. General meetings of the membership are held the second Thursday of each month with their time and location set by the Vice-President. The   club rests in June and July. Department and committee meetings are scheduled by that chairperson as needed, at a time and place intended to suit all. The annual election of club officers, or the Executive Committee, takes place at the April meeting following the Nominating Committee having met in February. The Nominating Committee is made up of any and/or all Past. Presidents who have remained participatory in club affairs.  Their slate is presented to the membership before the election. Suggestions to the committee are welcome and nominations from the floor are accepted. The annual meeting is the regularly scheduled May meeting and can be held in any location chosen by the President. Officers who were elected in April are installed at this time; and year end business is handled. The Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club now operates fiscally on a calendar year basis. However, our internal order is maintained on a June 1 through May 31 year which allows the serving board to manage the club’s financial business with better continuity.